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/etc/fstab changed by ?????


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:roll: Is Mandrake setup to make auto changes of configuration files like /etc/fstab ?


Yesterday, I rearranged desktop icons, including the clunky CD and HD(removable USB drive) icons. I only changed positions to organize the desktop a bit. I also plugged in and used my USB card reader but I never use the desktop icons to mount/umount as I prefer doing that from command line or Konqueror.


Left my computer on last nite as I was downloading Texstar and PLF files to burn an update cd for Dragonmage. When I looked at the computer this am, the drive icons were all gone from the desktop, and the /etc/fstab file no longer had an entry for my USB removable drive! The file was changed at 0430 local time.


No huge deal, and it is an easy fix, but how in the world did that happen:?:


Kind of worries me that a file like this can be changed so easily without any human input. :?:

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don't know if this applies, but are you using KDE as your desktop? if so, i've noticed that when ever i download something, weather it's KDE related or a totally separate package/program, my KDE kicker menu gets all screwed up. i lose most of the entries in it & i have to open the configure desktop dialogue & just click apply & it all comes back to normal. i never had my desktop icons screwed up & never checked fstab when this happens, but it's a quirk i've noticed. as i said, it's not really an answer & don't know if it applies to your situation, but that's what happens to me.


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I do run KDE, but it has been pretty stable for me and none of the symptoms you describe have happened. PTL! :)


From a look at my logs, a check of harddrives took place and then it didn't sense the /dev/sda since the removable drive was not plugged in. Then msec or something took the liberty to change /etc/fstab since it determined it was a bad entry. At least that is the way the log and dmesg appear. Strange....

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