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CDR/W and KB3

Guest dardack

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Guest dardack

Prolly should go in software but don't know. I ran the KB3 setup successfully, but when i hit finish it closes and says:

Really discard all new settings (ok at work can't remember exactly)

yes no

either one you click don't matter, open KB3 and no cd writer is listed. In kb3 setup clearly there and ready to go. Don't know what to do.

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ahhh..........the notorious k3b strikes again!


first, check out these threads i started. maybe you'll get the answer there:







k3b was a bear to setup for me (as you can read above). i'm at work & don't have much time, but i do have a few quick suggestions.


1. before running k3b setup, disable "supermount" for your cdrom & burner, if you have it enabled. and, make sure you have the following programs installed.......cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs.


2. during k3b setup, DO NOT let k3b make changes to your fstab.


3. during k3b setup, make sure your mount points are correct. most likely they won't be until you change them manually.


4. make sure you add users add the end of k3b setup & give them permissions for cdrdao & cdrecord.


5. when it asks you to discard changes at the end, answer "NO" (as long as you didn't let it edit your fstab.)


6. check your permissions under userdrake & add the user to any of these groups if they aren't there already.......cdrecord, cdrdao, mkisofs, cdwriter, xcdwriter.


7. REBOOT! yes, usually you don't have to reboot in Linux, but in k3b's case you do, for settings to take effect.


8. if things are still not right, run xcdroast setup as root, & give users permissons in there & select "non root mode". xcdroast overrides k3b settings.


9. finally, i would suggest getting texstars version of k3b. i forget the version number right now, but it's on his site. the setup in his version is a bit more intuitive & easier to understand.


read the links i supplied. the truth is out there.........




PS: this should probably be under the "software" forum..........

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I moved this topic to software. 8)


The most commonly missed issue with cdrecording is scsi emulation. If you edit your fstab yourself, and turn on scsi emulation, it all works fine. This info is all listed in the previous posts listed.


What you do want k3b to do is set up your user groups, so that you don't have to mess with permissions. Be sure to add your user to the cdrecord group. :wink:

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oops! :oops:


Ix is correct. (told ya i was at work & in a hurry) if any of your drives are ide, you also have to have scsi emulation for k3b to work properly. instructions for that are in one of those links i supplied. a quick explanation to what that means, is, you must edit your lilo.conf file, under the "append" section, to read:


hdx=ide-scsi (where "x" is the drive letter IE: hda, hdb, hdc, etc...)


........for any cd drives on your computer. also, here's another link, that's quite useful. a complete how to on setting up k3b.




.........& here's static's "how to" from this forum:






any questions, post back. somebody here will surely help you out.



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