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cd burning


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Can you burn from the command line? Here are the FAQs about that. If you can't burn from the command line, there is no way it works with a GUI since they all uses the command lines internally..





OR : http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=6665


Good luck!



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if you do a search here for xcdroast, cd burning, k3b, cd, or eroaster, you should find many links to help you out. (i should know......i probably started most of 'em! :D ) i can't help you with fluxbox or eroaster, but for xcdroast, you must first set it up as root. so, open a terminal, su to root, type xcdroast. click on "settings", then fill in the appropriate places for your burner & cdrom. you will see several tabs under "settings". check them all out & make sure things are correct. when you first run xcdroast, it will detect some things, but you'll have to fine tune others. also, probably the most important step (if you want to be able to burn as a user other than root) is the last tab for "users". there you can set the permissons needed for who can have burning rights & use the program, other than root. put users name in the appropriate box, select "allow all", tick all the boxes where it says "users are allowed to:", & finally click the bar where it says "change non root configuration" to enable non root mode. click "save configuration"->"ok". one final thing.......to burn cds & use xcdroast, you will need to have the following packages installed.....cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs. they are programs that do the actual burning. xcdroast is just a gui front end for them.


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