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Another sound problem


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[watch is not work this time :roll:  :P ]
That's what hapened :? I can't get either to work, but I'm almost positive it was alsa that worked after install and not oss :evil: . Sorry if I got your hopes up, but I've been trying for 1.5hrs and I give up. :oops:


Is there a way to be perfectly sure everything is unmuted and slides are set to 100%.  
until sound actually works, I don't know that you can.


How do you unmute in "Alsamixer" ?
I d/k....I've always used alsamixergui. Install it in the Software Mgr. or su to root in a terminal and


urpmi alsamixergui


Good luck! :unsure:

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B4 reinstalling I booted to ML9.1 and uncommented the alsa lines in my modules.conf. Rebooted>logged into kde (didn't try Gnome) and had sound :shock:


Reinstalled this morning....alsa sound working :shock:


When you try....it won't....when you don't it does.....I can't win. :roll:


Glad you got it going!

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Guest technicka

This worked for me. I had the same motherboard and onboard audio for my MSI motherboard.


I should have just scrolled down to the end of this thread as I spent a good deal of time trying out all of these things.


What did it is the commenting;

#above snd-via82xx snd-pcm-oss


in the /etc/modules.conf


and then rebooting



I would have NEVER figured that out without the help of this forum.. Thanks everyone.


I couple times in the past I have installed mandrake and a couple other distros only to get fed up and return to windows. Now that I have found this forum I hope to keep using Mandrake forever.


I also had the mouse scrolling problem with my logitech mouseman+ and another thread helped me reassign the mouse buttons. I don't think I would have ever figured that out.


thanks all.

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