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configure mandrake 9.1 gui

Guest SpaceCadet

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Guest SpaceCadet

I was just wondering how some of the things I see in screenshots are configured. Here is a list of things that I want to do with my desktop (kernel?):


Transparant Menus

Single click instead of double

Add a couple more menu panels (like the bar that goes along the bottom, except I want another one that is vertical along the side)

Custom screensaver/colour/sound schemes

When I open Konqueror I come to the "Welcome to Mandrake" welcome page. How do I configure it so that it goes to the home page I have set www.google.ca ?


Thanks again for any help anyone can give on the subject :)

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hi SpaceCadet,

to accomplish all of those things in KDE, & many more things, you can use KDE Control Center. to access it, either go to kicker->configuration->control center.....or, from terminal type kcc & hit enter. either one of those methods will open it up. (you don't need root priveledges to run it) once it's open, click on the + beside "look and feel". you can tweak virtually anything from there. there's also seperate areas to play with mouse, keyboard, & other settings.


if you want KDE themes, other than the stock ones that they give you, here's a good place to start:




and here's another place:




or you can just do a Google search for KDE themes:




hope that helped ya out!



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First, I use gnome2, so I can't be too specific on most of your questions concerning kde. I have tinkered with it on and off and did use it for 3 mths once though.


1. Transparant Menus? The theme has to support it. Which ones now-a-days? I d/k.


2. Single click instead of double? In kcc>peripheral (I think)>mouse


3. d/k


4. Custom screensaver? RealSlickScreensavers....work on windows to. People had probs with the mdk.rpm so I use the RedHat rpm.



use this one --> http://www.gurulabs.com/downloads.html


5. When I open Konqueror I come to the "Welcome to Mandrake" welcome page. How do I configure it so that it goes to the home page I have set? It has something to do with saving. Either File>Save of some sort, or Window>Save of some sort...don't exactly remember. Then close konq and reopen to see if it worked.

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Transparent stuff in kde is found in Keremik and Mosfet liquid. I have used both.


The other things you want are in the kde control center. (this is not the samr thing as the Mandrake Control Center :wink: )

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Guest SpaceCadet

Ok, I am using KDE 3.1 and Mandrake 9.1, and in the Mandrake Control Center there is no "look and feel". I think I am looking in the wrong place. I opened up a terminal and also typed in "kcc" and the response is "kcc:" and then it kicks me into the next line of the terminal again. Also, when I go into "configuration" in the kicker it just brings up the options for Mandrake Control Center (MCC?), again with no look and feel. I have seen what you are talking about in some screenshots, however, so I know it's in there somewhere. I think I must not have it installed, but I allready went through 90% of the options individually in "Manage Software" snapin in the MCC. I would definitely love to figure out how to get the look and feel option, as there is some majour customizing I would like to do in Mandrake. Also, I booted into GNOME and the same thing appears when I load MCC. Is MCC and KCC two different things?

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Please read the posts. I answered your question before you asked it!


goto K>Configuration>Control Center>Look and Feel


Start with style and select Keremik. Take your time and read the options available. Be sure to look at the tabs.

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