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Unbreakable Encryption Unveiled


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It can be an amazing technology and it can bring amazing speed but how much does it cost? AFAIK fibre is very expensive. What's the fastest I could get now? I think it's about 10 Mbit. I had 3 Mbit at one time and it was more than enough. So why would I want a fibre channel? Why would most of the people? To get 1 wire for TV, phone, internet etc ? Truth is I don't care how many wires they use to get me those services. They are already there and they are working well. I don't wanna pay more for the "one cable for all" solution. And I doubt most people want.


In a particular town in Poland, they have fibre internet access - and it's cheaper than what I can pay for 1MB or 2MB with internet via standard cables. And the fibre internet was 6MB! Symmetric too, not asymmetric like my DSL provider! So you're wrong on the cost front!!!


BTW, you make it sound like I'm trying to force fibre on you. You don't have to take it if you don't want it ;)

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