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HIGHKING - some questions if you have a minute


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I'll PM you, but in case there are others wondering i thought I would post here as well.


I have started looking at pendrivelinux (which appears to be basically mcnl 2007.1 refaced) and PCLOS 2008 minime


and I see your name in both remaster scripts


however, the scripts are , obviously, not interchangable


maybe you can answer a few questons i've always wondered.


1) Why the change from zenity to kdialogs?


2) is PCLOS 2008 actually closer to 2008 than 2007.1?


I note a newer Kernal, but lipstick on a pig still makes it a pig the question gets asked in the PCLOS forum a lot but i've never seen a clear answer


i really am trying to learn for my class, so anything you can point me to i'm eager to learn.


i have found some base info on zenity and kdialogs, i just havent had the chance to go through it all.






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Hi, I don't know exactly the differences between the 2 remaster scripts. I wrote one for MCNLive, and that's where my input stops. I know the guys from PCLOS are using it (one of them pm'ed me about it) but I haven't looked into it yet. I didn't look into it simply because MCNLive is a bit dead now :(


As far as I can remember the script in MCNLive is using zenity. Only the yes/no dialogs were replaced by kdialog since zenity doesn't have those. (I might be wrong, it's been a while...)


I don't know about PCLOS 2008... I have never tried it.

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