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New releases of X and Firefox


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X.org 7.4. has been released. Phoronix has a detailed overview of the new features and those which didn't make it into this release.



Firefox and 3.0.2 has also been released. These are security updates and Mozilla strongly suggests upgrading to one of these releases. You can see which vulnerabilities were patched here (FF and here (FF 3.0.2).

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There's a bug in 3.0.2 caused by bad converting of ASCII to Utf-8.

If you have this bug than you can't access your old saved passwords and you can't save new ones.

Hey everyone,


Shortly after releasing Firefox 3.0.2 our QA and Support teams began

seeing reports of problems certain users were having with the Firefox

Password Manager. This was being caused by non-ASCII data (in domains,

logins or passwords) saved as something other than UTF-8 failing to

convert back to Unicode (see bug 454708) which was a regression from a

fix to make the Password Manager work on IDN sites with characters

over U+0100 (see bug 451155).


The symptom is that users who have password data stores with non-ASCII

data saved as something other than UTF-8 (more common for people who

have saved passwords on IDN domains or non en-US domains) will not be

able to access their saved passwords or create any new saved

passwords. There is no permanent dataloss, the saved data is just

inaccessible. While this doesn't affect all Firefox users, it is a

significant regression and has triggered a fast-release Firefox 3.0.3

which will contain a single fix for this issue. Once released, this

will restore the functionality for all users.


The fix has been landed and tested, and builds are coming out and

being delivered to QA today. We hope to be releasing updates on the

beta channel by early next week and issuing a release soon thereafter.




from: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev...47739c7e3345f0#

The solution is to either

1, create a new profile and you can save new passwords, you can't use the old ones though

2, edit signons3.txt in your profile and remove non-ASCII characters or convert them to UTF-8

3, wait for FF 3.0.3

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