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Using IE under wine or crossover

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For some reason :unsure: one of my banks will only run its internet-banking on Internet Explorer . Since I have no intention of allowing Windoze anywhere near the internet on my machine, I'd like to implement this using either wine or crossover on my 2007 box. Could someone who has used either of these configurations give me some tips, in particular with regard to how well each works ind if there are any preferences? Thanks.



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You can use ies4linux which is a nice helper script for getting Internet Explorer installed under Wine. You can of course install an add-on for Firefox which allows you to change the browser identification string and it generally works OK but sometimes there are one or two glitches.

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Well, don't worry about insulting my intelligence, just keep them ole answers comin' B) . In fact, I didn't know that you could do anything as clever as that. Wow!! I've found an add-on called 'Rebrand', could try that.

And, changing the bank is an attractive thought, but there's no guarantee that the new one won't do the same :unsure: .

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I was using some sort of add-on, can't remember the name exactly now, but sometimes I had issues, where part way through even though it was set to IE or Firefox or whatever, that something had changed and the page needed reloading again. Could have just been the particular add-on I had, but it definitely wasn't called rebrand, so you'll probably be OK with this one.


Alternatively, ies4linux that gives you Internet Explorer under wine is a good alternative too. I tended to do it this way, in case I forgot to change the browser identity string back to Firefox again later.

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Haven't been able to find ies4linux just yet, but will definitely continue down that path. The Konqueror add-on looks to be an easy function to use, will test that asap. Have also installed the 'User Agent Switcher' add-on to Firefox, but haven't yet quite figured out how to drive it properly; next task.


Sooo many options, luvvly linux. B)


Many thanks to you all. :thumbs: :P


Edit: have just found ies4linux, looks interesting.

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It's very simple:




found with google :)




EDIT: notice you found it, and I at first searched for rpm, but never was, but it's easy to install using this site's info. Gentoo has a package for it to make it even easier :)

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