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Webbrowser won't play embedded video besides flash


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Hello all


I'm using Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring.


I have libquicktime and win32-codecs installed, and all my video players can play avi, mov, etc.


I also have the vlc and mplayer browser plugins installed.




I'm learning to make web pages.


Right now I'm learning to embed videos in html.


I'm using the first method on this page.



On my Mac, when I embed video onto a page with this method, and open the page in Firefox or any other browser, it works perfectly and quicktime plays it.



On my Mandriva, when I embed video onto a page with this method, and open it with Firefox or any other browser, the video doesn't work at all.


The same videos work perfectly in my video players outside of browser.


Please help me.

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I tried scarecrow's suggestion, but it didn't work.


This is what happens when I try to view my web page with an embedded .mov as well as an .avi video:


In Konqueror: A black box is on the webpage which has controls on bottom of it, but the controls don't work.

In Opera: A grey box is on the webpage, which does nothing.

In Firefox 2: A grey box appears with a volume control of top of it, and sound comes but no video.

In my backport version of Firefox 3: When I try to open my webpage which has an embedded video on it, Firefox 3 immediately closes by itself.


When I open this same embedded video webpage on Mac and Windows, Quicktime handles the embedded video and everything works perfectly.


This problem only seems to happen with normal video formats. When I embed Youtube videos onto my Webpages they work perfectly.







Please help me get my embedded webpage videos working in my browsers (at least with Firefox). I really want to learn how to embed videos in my webpages.

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Looks like you don't have any mplayer win32 codecs installed.

You can get an "almost" full RPM package from PLF repos, or the full codecs in zip container (directly from the mplayer site, http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/windows-all-20071007.zip) and deflate it to you system codecs directory.

Youtube videos are handled by Adobe's flashplugin, so no mplayer codecs are required.

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Have you installed mplayerplugin? This is needed for firefox, epiphany (and probably more) to figure out which external program (mplayer) to call certain content.

No, you don't need it if you have gecko-mediaplayer installed.

I'd suggest instead checking

1. if gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer ARE installed, and mplayerplugin, mozplugger and xine-plugin are NOT installed (as they may conflict with each other),

2. getting sure that the path the codec pack was extracted is the right one ( e.g. /usr/lib/codecs ),

3. that a proper mplayer output mode (e.g. gl or x11, whatever works) is picked within gnome-mplayer, and finally

4. that the lack of video is not a side-effect of a dodgy composite manager, like compiz.

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