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What's python(abi)?


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Running Mandriva 2008.1 on ACER Laptop.

Have python 2.5.2 installed.

Would like to have SPE running but get this message when I try to install:

[root@localhost tmp]# /usr/share/mc/extfs/rpm run /home/peter/tmp/spe-0.8.4.h-0.2.fc8.noarch.rpm INSTALL
Installing ""'/home/peter/tmp/spe-0.8.4.h-0.2.fc8.noarch.rpm'""
error: Failed dependencies:
python(abi) = 2.5 is needed by spe-0.8.4.h-0.2.fc8.noarch

[root@localhost tmp]#


I looked at this thread:


and although the rpm is a Fedora 8 one, (& the thread), none of the suggestions seem to apply, (I can't find a Mandriva rpm).


BTW, it works OK on my 'main' machine with Mandriva 2008.0

Downgrading doesn't seem a reasonable option :speechless:


What is python(abi)? :help:



I came across this link:


which suggests that it's equivalent to an API. My problem is where to find this :blink:


I had thought to uninstall python 2.5.2 and install a slightly older version but there's no option to remove 2.5 in software manager :wall:


Edit: If I run:

rpm -q --provides python | grep -Fw 'python(abi)'

I get nothing. The same query with just 'python' shows four matches. So I don't appear to have the ABI installed.

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As dexter has already said, you can install spe-0.8.2 from the /media/contrib/release repo with your gui package manager or urpmi.


If you must have the latest version, you can d/l the spe-0.8.4.h-wx2.6.1.0.tar.gz from developer.berlios.de. Then extract it to your ~/home directory, cd to the /spe-0.8.4.h/_spe directory, then run

python SPE.py

to open it. You could also use your menu editor and add it to your menu.

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python(abi) would be a virtual provide: in Fedora, some package - probably python itself or python-core or something - would be set to Provides: python(abi) , for a particular reason in Fedora's Python packaging system. We don't use the same system, so nothing in Mandriva provides python(abi) . As dexter says, use the Mandriva package.

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... before installing an rpm file which is designed to run on an other distro (bad idea) try searching in the software installer.


I use OpenOffice as my documents editor, and thought giving Lotus Symphony by IBM a try. The problem is that in their site they only give packages for Red Hat and Suse Linux (http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/help.nsf/InstallGuide). Am I doomed?



Forgot to mention I couldn't find Lotus in MDV repos.

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SPE, along with a lot of other things, is in the Mandriva repos. Version 0.8.2.a_wx2.6.1.0-2mdv2008.1 is in contrib. I don't know if it's the latest or not but before installing an rpm file which is designed to run on an other distro (bad idea) try searching in the software installer.
I already tried 0.8.2 but it fails because it needs python 2.4 :sad:

What I have done is to download spe-0.8.4.h source because, in my newbiness with python/spe, I expected spe--.rpm to be an executable a la gcc.

But it isn't, it's just a collection of python scripts in several directories :)

All I need to do now is work out how to set either or both of the python paths, PYTHONPATH and its internal path(s).


At least I've leant that you cannot or at least take a severe risk by extracting rpms meant for other distros. :huh:

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No you can still use OpenOffice since Lotus Symphony IS OpenOffice. At least it's largely based on it and from what I heard it's not a positive change.


I know Lotus symphony is based on OO. I saw the GUI is different though. I guess I'm freak for trying out new things, that's how I got to Linux and open source applications in the first place, BTW. I don't want to create the false impression that I'm complaining, I just want to know if I can install it.

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OK, I just fixed up and updated the spe package in Cooker. I'll send the fixed version to /updates for 2008 and 2008 Spring. It should land there in a few hours, depends on your mirror.


Wow, thanks. I was in the process of writing you a reply that you shouldn't try too hard, as I really only want to give it a shot and see what it feels like. Hope it wasn't a bother.


BTW, I don't get something: As far as my understanding gets, and it doesn't get very far, Lotus is not open source. If OO is distributed under GPL, how can that be? Shouldn't any derivative of OO be distributed under the same license?

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yossarian, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but adamw is referring to updating the SPE (Stani's Python Editor) and adding it to the /updates repo. He was not referring to adding Lotus symphony to the /updates repo. :)


Of course! I knew that! Don't be silly. Of course he wasn't referring to me. Did you lose your sense of humour? Did you really think I had thought he meant to upload Lotus? I mean, just the thought...


Ok, you were right.

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So, I've found this info for you. This blog (blogs/dominoshka/entry/ibm_lotus_notes_lotus_symphony) confirms that it will work with Mandriva 2008.1, and it will also show you some pics.


Great, thanks. I'll try it tomorrow.


So I'm left with my question regarding the licensing: Does someone know how Lotus made OO closed code? I'm just curious.

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