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Need help installing Firefox 3 from Mozilla site


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I'm trying to install the official version of Firefox 3 for Linux from Mozilla's website.


All the dependencies listed on Mozilla's website are installed.


The Firefox.bin file is executable.


But when I close all Firefox 2 windows and try launching Firefox 3, it doesn't work.


Please help.

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If you're using Mandriva 2008.1, Firefox 3 is in the /main/backports/ repo. You could install it from there without any problems.


If you're not using that version or you simply want to use the one from the Mozilla's site, please start it from the command line and post the error here.

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I don't have to post any links nexus, you are looking at one if you are reading this forum, it looks awful, with scratchy broken characters and out of focus icons with jagged edges - truly horrible. It is only FF3 that is looking like this btw all other programs are normal as is playing a dvd with kaffeine and if I open web pages in konqueror they are perfectly OK as well. I have tried all the font settings in the ff 'preferences' menu with about half a dozen different fonts at half a dozen different sizes and this is all I get. I have also installed msttf fonts and they make no difference either.


If you google for 'firefox 3 fonts' you will see that I am not the only one with the problem.

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