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ok, I have a VIA C7 based system, small fanless 1GB, built on everything.


I want to use it as the mother of all MP3 players in my car.


CURRENTLY I have DSL installed.


Something about the VIA video drivers dont seem to allow any MDV based distro to work. however ANY UBU based distro works fine.


I want a SMALL fast distro that has a nice based MP3 player AND USB auto mount.


The USB is important because I dont think that I'll be able to put enough HD INSIDE the box to hold my MP3's (I have 128GB of speeches I want to carry, not to mention music), so I figure an external USB HD will be my b est route.


unfortunately DSL (the one I have) is running kernel 2.4


I'm nopt really married to ANY distro, I just need a light GUI (for the wife) and a good boot time.


GOS works great, but takes almost 3 minutes to boot


any suggestions?

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however ANY UBU based distro works fine.


I had to correct you here, it should read:


however any DEBIAN based distro works fine.


since Ubuntu only exists because of Debian, and if anything was based on Ubuntu, it would have been based on Debian since thats where it all originated :D


I'd suggest using a Debian-based distro since they seem to work fine for you. If the others aren't working, or taking too long to boot, that is what I would do. Then you can install bum or sysv-rc-conf to enable/disable the services you do/don't need to make things a little faster.

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actually its ubu specific, because i tried debian, that wouldnt boot either.




strangely enough I DID get a FRENCH version of MCNL to work GREAT!


unfortunately i dont speak french, so i have NO idea what version it is.


I LOVE mcnl too, I wish I knew enough to get it intoo english.


the interesting part is that TORONTO just reboots and reboots (as do all other MDV versions)


I never even get to anything, about 1/2 of 1 second AFTER I get the "boot from CD" message, it immediately reboots.


cant get to a cli or anything.



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Have you tried any slackware based distros? There are several specifically designed for limited hardware like zenwalk, slax and vector. One that's getting a lot of favorable reviews is wolvix:




It's based on slax but customized with xfce instead of kde.

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