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How to schedule downloading updates or packages?

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I've a limited bandwidth net connection. There is unlimited download available only between 2-00AM to 8-00AM.

So my question is how can I schedule updates or package installation so that it starts automatically after 2-00AM without my intervention?



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You can put a job in /etc/cron.daily to do this for you - this would start at 3.00am or 4.00am I can't remember how it's set up on Mandriva by default. Job would be something like:


# Updates system

# sync repos so that they have new package list
urpmi.update -a

# update full system
urpmi --auto-select --auto


then you save this as /etc/cron.daily/sysupdates or whatever filename you like instead of sysupdates, and then do:


chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/sysupdates


to make it executable. It's important to add the #!/bin/bash at the beginning or your job will never run - I found this once, even though I could run it manually.

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