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Logging in as root graphically? [solved]


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Guest The Doc

Update I found it :lol2: It is at...

mandriva 2011

/usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc change to "allowrootlogin=true"


"""WARNING""" Other users are right this feature makes it so easy to instantly shoot yourself in the foot, you can literally delete the operating system right out from underneath you. I dare you to login as root GUI--open Dolphin file manager--right click on the boot directory-choose move to trash--confirm--then restart system :wall: :D Hope you have Mr backup or oare prepared for a nightmare. Also root GUI login leaves the system exposed to cyber attacks. The best policy when using this feature is """GET IN--BE CAREFULL--GET OUT"""


The easiest way is to open up a terminal and authenticate as root "su root". navigate to the directory "cd /usr/share/config/kdm/" then to be on the safe side I made a backup

"cp kdmrc kdmrcbak" then execute the extrnal program authenticated as root by typing "kwrite"

within kwrite navagate to the directory and and choose open kdmrc. Make the modification and choose save. Just for pickyness kwrite creates a temp file that it does not remove, you can remove it from the terminal or from dolphin file manager once you login as root GUI.

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