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No sound in VMware Workstation

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I just changed from VMware Server to Workstation because I need sound to do presentations for work, unfortunately, it seems Workstation isn't looking for the proper sound device? It's looking for /dev/dsp but always gives the error:


"Failed to open sound device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy. Failed to connect virtual device sound."


How can I remedy this? Do I need to disable sound in the host (Mandriva) first??


BTW: My guest OS is Windows XP Home Edition if it makes any difference.



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What about disabling PulseAudio at the host OS first?

AFAIK VMWare 6.5 beta is working with Pulse, and the same goes for the current Virtualbox release (1.6.2)- but VMWare 6.0.X has issues.



How do I go about disabling PulseAudio? Will it disable sound in the host completely?

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Are you running any sound applications like Amarok when you run VMWare?


No I am not. and

fuser /dev/dsp

shows nothing...which i assume means no app is currently using the sound device. Do I need to change to the persmissions on /dev/dsp? What should they be?

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