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  1. I keep getting messages that there are updates available for my system but every time i try to install the updates, i keep getting an error that the urpmi database is locked BUT I'm not running ANY other app that uses it (ie - installing/removing packages or changing sources). I've tried killall urpmi urpmi.update urpme urpmi.addmedia etc and there aren't any urpmi processes running...what can i do?
  2. No I am not. and fuser /dev/dsp shows nothing...which i assume means no app is currently using the sound device. Do I need to change to the persmissions on /dev/dsp? What should they be?
  3. How do I go about disabling PulseAudio? Will it disable sound in the host completely?
  4. I just changed from VMware Server to Workstation because I need sound to do presentations for work, unfortunately, it seems Workstation isn't looking for the proper sound device? It's looking for /dev/dsp but always gives the error: "Failed to open sound device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy. Failed to connect virtual device sound." How can I remedy this? Do I need to disable sound in the host (Mandriva) first?? BTW: My guest OS is Windows XP Home Edition if it makes any difference. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I should have been clearer, I'm using VMware Server not Player. I get that it's not possible under Player, but is there a workaround for Server? Sound I can live without, it's being able to use a usb flash drive that's essential for me.
  6. This is my first time around with Mandriva KDE and I don't know if this is the default behavior or not, but when I plug in a usb flash drive, it gets automounted fine, but there's no shortcut on the desktop...the same is true for when i load a cd or dvd, no shortcuts show up on the desktop. How can I change this?
  7. I'm running VMware in Mandriva 2008.1 (host machine) with Windows XP as the guest machine. Everything works fine except that it won't recognize when I plug in a usb flash drive. Any help? Also, although this MUCH less important, is it possible to activate the sound on the guest machine? It claims I have no speakers.... [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. I have no problem with my emulators being in the games menu, it's the fact that NONE of the KDE games show up!
  9. So I installed a few game packages, most notably a few emulators and the kdegames package, but the ONLY thing that pops up under the Kmenu -> Games is Zsnes!! NONE of the KDE games show up and the other emulators (Gens, Visualboy, etc) aren't there...they're (for some reason) under Kmenu -> Tools -> Emulators (along with another link to Zsnes). I've gone to the Mandriva Control Center to verify that the packages are installed, and they are. Is there some reason why they wouldn't show up under Kmenu -> Games and how can i fix this? [moved from Software by Greg2]
  10. I agree with John. I had this same issue with Kubuntu 7.04. Anyways, I'm not THAT much of a newb, so I can cope with adding a few lines here and there. :P Anyone care to point me to where this "workaround" is? Thanx.
  11. I have NO SOUND when using the Mandriva Live CD. I'd like to eventually install Mandriva, but I had issues with sound that LAST time I installed it and I'd rather not go through with an installation unless I can get this fixed first. How can I force Mandriva to use my Soundblaster as the default sound device rather than my Intel integrated sound card?
  12. the output is: /dev/hda1 7.7G 7.3G 4.0M 100% / /dev/hda6 64G 794M 63G 2% /home
  13. I tried installing Java using the method described in these FAQs: Installing Java PluginDoc: Java FAQ But it still doesn't work. So I tried a third method from this page: SoS Wiki -- Installing Java But when I try to install using urpmi, I get an error message saying I don't have enough room in my filesystem! And it's true? When I navigate to my Filesystem, it claims I have only 4MB left, but I have an 80GB hd and I've JUST installed Mandriva 2007 Spring Free a few days ago. When I navigate to my home folder, it says I have 62.8GB. I'm still a n00b to Linux, so anybody's help would be greatly appreciated. Also can anybody tell me how to remove the first Java package that I installed? (it's j2sdk1.4.2_12). Title Edited by phunni to reflect the problem more accurately...
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