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program keyboard shortcuts [solved]


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err .. working from memory


gconf-tool .. then browse around ..


There is a "run-command" bit


I've got ctrl-x = new terminal window


I can check tomorrow when at work

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No one knows?


Very probably not.


I haven't used Gnome for a long time but I remember when I did that it was so awkward to create keyboard shortcuts that it was one of the reasons I resolved not to use it in the future. I think you had to manually edit some config file to make it happen.


As you already know in KDE it is simple and I am using XFCE at the moment and it is easy with that as well.

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ok .. so I'm using compiz .. but you should be able to extrapolate the needed info.







then edit

run_command0_key (located further down the list)


if memory serves me correctly, if you are using metacity (the default)

then it




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