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Help Adapting Lexmark x2550 for Linux

Guest desperation

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Guest desperation



I have bought, quite foolishly, a Lexmark x2550 printer and hoped to use it both on my iMac and on Mandriva. However, I have since realized that Lexmark has no support for Linux whatever.


After having installed the printer on my iMac, it works fine. I have since extracted its ppd, which I understand is what is required to get the device working under Mandriva. I saw in the ppd some statements referring to the OSX filter, which I removed. I replaced it with the foomatic filter. However, after having installed the printer through the CUPS web interface, I am unable to print a test page. There are no errors displayed on the CUPS webpage, and the print job is shown to be completed (of course, nothing happened on the printer).


Can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong? I am attaching my altered ppd file , and the original, in the hope that an expert can tell me what I've done wrong. I've also used max2unix to convert to native format.


Thanks for any help.


Link to both PPDs


EDIT: fixed link

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@ camorri:

The link to his shell script is broken, so we are in the dark about his actions...

He was probably using the same script as in that guide:


Besides, he has tried with Z25 printer, while x2550 is different and (according to the Gentoo wiki) has no real chances to work:


All the working printers of the family use the z600 driver, but x2550 does not seem to cut the mustard.

Even the commercial Turboprint application does not care about Lexmark printers, and since Lexmark does not care about Linux either... you get the point.

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