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VMware - mounting a usb drive

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I'm running VMware in Mandriva 2008.1 (host machine) with Windows XP as the guest machine. Everything works fine except that it won't recognize when I plug in a usb flash drive. Any help?


Also, although this MUCH less important, is it possible to activate the sound on the guest machine? It claims I have no speakers....



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Are you running VMware Player, VMware Workstation or VMware Server? If VMware Player you won't be able to add new hardware, and therefore won't be able to use the USB drive. If the USB hardware exists in the vmware machine, then you'll be fine to continue. Normally, you have to have the hardware installed in the virtual machine, and then you need to use the menu to enable the USB hardware within the machine as it's normally not enabled to start automatically. Then, once this has been done you can then plugin the media and it will be recognised by the machine.


Sound isn't available in VMware Server, but should work in VMware Workstation. Unsure of VMware Player.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I should have been clearer, I'm using VMware Server not Player. I get that it's not possible under Player, but is there a workaround for Server? Sound I can live without, it's being able to use a usb flash drive that's essential for me.

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Yes, with VMware Server it just works as I mentioned. Make sure the machine has a USB device added so that you can connect them and use them from the top of the vmware console screen once the image has been powered on.

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