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opera 7.11 help


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ok all you opera users .. (cannonfodder??)


I had opera 6 ... and middle click would open a link in a new tab (just like mozilla). now with opera 7.11 middle clock opens a new window, rather than opening a new tab.

how do I change it?


also how do I get rid of current mouse gestures, and create new ones?

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Guest johnKFT

Middle click opens in a new tab for me in 7.11. Check Preferences>Windows. I have unchecked 'Open pages in new window' and checked 'Reuse existing page'. I suspect that is a clue.

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Don't waste time on the opera forums, there is a "LOT" of traffic in the news-groups compared to the web forum.


Well, as far as my experience goes, help on the Opera Forums is:


1. Fast: you could expect an answer to your question within 1 or 2 days.

2. Friendly: the people are very supportive, and there are no flame wars to dig through.

3. Obviously a good place to ask technical questions about Opera, since the moderators are people working there, and they help out too.


As for the 'waste your time' part, it is entirely possible to waste your time there ;) but only because of your own discipline (or lack therof).



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I'll rephrase that ;)


My point is that I've frequented both newsgroups and the web forum. The web forum will get you a decent response within a few days. But it doesn't get the traffic from the newsgroup forums. The newsgroups even have regular posters from opera employees who directly work or influence the product. Once I switched, I started to see the difference. Also gave me a chance to use opera's news reader client.

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