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> Care To Join Me In Dark Age Of Camelot?


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Even though I'm against the monthly-subscription fee, I wanted to try out another MMORPG after guild wars. So recently I've been able to get Dark Age of Camelot+expansions pretty cheap. It included 2 months of free play, I want to see how fun it is in that period.


It would be so much nicer to have people to play with though. Anyone care to join me?

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tried it, didn't really like it. right now i'm playing Age of Conan mostly, though sometimes i log onto EQ2 and/or WoW. Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings Online I don't have to pay a monthly fee for, so I play them on and off.

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I've yet to try it so I'm curious: what didn't you like about it?
Mainly the look and feel. The game is really old so the graphics are sub-par when compared to games that are even 2 years old. I didn't get too far into the game play because I just couldn't get past how ugly my screen looked while playing, same thing with Vanguard (though thats a newer game, but still ugly). Edited by tyme
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