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Using Mandrake Linux 2nd Edition

Guest anon

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"Flash: "The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" 2nd Edition has been



As a follow-up to the successful first edition of "The Definitive Guide

to Using Mandrake Linux 9.0", MandrakeSoft announces the immediate

availability of a new '2nd Edition' which has been thoroughly updated

and expanded to cover the recently released Mandrake Linux 9.1.


"The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" contains everything

needed to install, understand, and use this popular Linux distribution.

Perfect for computer users who are new to Linux, as well as for experts

who need quality reference documentation, this new edition of "The

Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" is available now for pre-order

at MandrakeStore.com. First shipments will commence next week.


Covered topics include:


- Installing Mandrake Linux 9.1

- Discovering the graphical environment

- Internet configuration and use

- Linux Office

- Multimedia applications

- Advanced configuration

- Advanced administration

- Troubleshooting

- Discovering Linux in-depth

- Building Linux applications

- ...


This new edition focuses more on personal use, including office

applications, multimedia, graphics, etc., plus an extensive collection

of tips & tricks for power-users. The complete table of contents for

this 520-page guide is available online at :


(PDF - 98K).


"The Definitive guide to Using Mandrake Linux" for 9.1 is available

exclusively from MandrakeStore for only $39 USD / 39 Euros:



Or treat yourself to a special bundle pack: "The Definitive Guide to

Using Mandrake Linux" plus a Mandrake Linux 9.1 DVD for only $79 USD

(save $14 USD) / 79 EUR (save 14 EUR).


Written by the folks from the MandrakeSoft documentation team, the

"Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" is sure to become an

essential resource for every Linux user! "

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"Building Linux applications".


It really teaches you that??


That would be swell, for I'd love to start programming/building simple apps for Linux (just started to learn C++). Or do they just mean 'compiling from source'??



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I haven't bought any Linux box set since MDK 7.1, so all my printed docs are a bit out of date.  Now if only I had some money.....


It is kind of expensive. Then again, knowing these guys it could be well worth it. I'm kind of doubting myself.




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I got a DVD/Rom (bootable CD) on my machine. Does that mean I can install using this one DVD?


Would be real neat, and it sure would beat all those CD-switches when installing things.




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