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Temperature in Karamba?


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I got something to fix with edit on SMonitor (karamba) except with the temperature??? I read other from other site and tried to set up etc... I got lm_sensors and installed... but I can't find any instruction on how to edit or configure to make it running??

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GPU is your graphics processor, your video card's processor. The detection method depends on the type of your card. Open up the karramba theme and edit it to fit your needs:

1) if you have a PC and nvidia video card, you may use a nvidia-settings command with some parameters to detect the temperature

2) if you have ATI card in your PC you will have to use another ATI specific utility

3) if you have a laptop, you may NOT have a temperature sensor for video card (which is on-board), usualy laptops don't have it.


Also, you may have extra sensors which are NOT in your karramba theme. I use "RessMon" theme, and I edited the file to add:

1) harddisk temperature

2) motherboard temperature

3) 3rd sensor for processor (CPU), I have core0, core 1 and cpu

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