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Scanning pictures


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Considering tha I'm a real ex-windows user (Thanks to all of you), I would like to know which software I could use to scan some pictures I have.


Under MDK 9.1, I wasn't able to find an application to do this job.


Using The GIMP the only option is avaiable is to acquire sreenshot images. How could I go about scanning some pictures? Which app to use?


Any help , as usual, would be very much appreciated.

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Well, first go to mcc and run scannerdrake in the hardware page to make sure your scanner is setup correctly. Once that is done, you have three choices. SANE (Scan Aquisition Now Easy) or some such thing that you scan run from the terminal pormpt, NOT reccomended.


Xsane, the xwindow frontend of SANE, HIGHLY reccomended. once you run scannerdrake it should automaticaly recognize your scanner.


kooka scan and OCR manager, this is great for scaning docs as it has a built in OCR. also good for images, but I prefer Xsane.


Also, you should be able to install an Xsane plugin for the GIMP, allowing you to scan from gimp


Ijust finished settingup my multi funciton printer/scanner/coppier, so ifyou need help with your scanner, don't hesitate to ask.

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