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XFdrake in knoppix

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I am venturing into my first other distro... knoppix 3.2... :)

I booted on my other system, but after seeing the display was a bit out of whack, I realized the old video card I have in there only ever ran on XFree 3.3.6 and the old s3v server.


In Mandrake I could run XFdrake to fix this, but is there a way I could I fix this running a knoppix CD that says it has XFree86 4.3?



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You have to pass a boot parameter to it at the boot prompt when knoppix first boots up. Here's a common one that people try when they are having trouble with X in knoppix:


$ knoppix xserver=XF86_SVGA


Another one is "vga=normal". If you string them together, you only need to write "knoppix" once, eg:


$ knoppix xserver=XF86_SVGA vga=normal


Just leave a space between the boot options.

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thanks, just gotta figure out the right boot option for my card now.


I was trying these from the faq, but I was trying from a terminal... didn't know the boot prompt was there till now. (it just auto booted before)


knoppix xmodule=vesa


knoppix xmodule=fbdev


added: I'll try bvc's suggestion too (we posted same time here)

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Got the picture all cleared up now using a combo of your fixes.

which xf86config


which xf86cfg (both were there)



So upon inspecting this folder, I found several options I could try.

knoppix xserver=XF86_S3V vga=normal

did the trick for my S3 ViRGE GX (385) card.


thanks again :D

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