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Mandriva 2008 Spring is out

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You can use the cooker repo's, as they are the same as 2008.1 while cooker is frozen.



You would find your nvidia driver in the non-free repo.


There are also some repo's for 2008.1 up, you may not be able to add them through MCC, or Easyurpmi just yet, but you can do it manually. I think you will find the following will work





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Courtesy of Bigpond ADSL, Australia, I have it already downloaded, burnt and installed.


Cheers. John.

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I wouldn't use Cooker, as it may unfreeze reasonably soon. I'd use Easy URPMI to generate commands for 2008.0, then change '2008.0' to '2008.1'. Most mirrors are actually synced already. We are working on sorting out the mirror list check script so they will actually show up in the list used by rpmdrake etc.

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hah. im feeling a bit confused with this release.


the good news is that i am now finished with the torrent of the latest release. md5sum checks out (it should, its from a torrent!) and was able to burn it into my trusty dvd+rw disc reserved for mdv installers.


here are the bad news:


  • installer says Mandriva 2008.0 (Spring). i thought we are already at 2008.1?
  • wifi still doesnt work out of the box
    • card seems to be identified but needs the prism54 drivers. i copied the firmware but i am getting the error that it cannot upload the firmware. i think i know the solution to that problem as it just hit me when i was driving to work today. it has something to do with symlinks. :wall:
    • ndiswrapper route is not properly explored since i cant find the prism inf files in windows and i dont have a copy of the driver at hand. ill attack this one later if my previous hunch does not hold.


i am currently running Spring using KDE but will switch it to XFCE once i get the connection working. its nice to see the kded module being able to detect the USB drive and offer to mount them by name but i am hitting the unclean partition problem and it is not giving me any way to specify the force option.



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