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Installation questions


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I haven't used Mandriva since 2006. I've been considering installing it again as the 2008 live cd looks very promising. It is certainly much more polished than Ubuntu. I've given Fedora a go and Tried OpenSuse many times. But all these distros have some little thing here or there that bugs the hell out of me. I have a few questions about it since its been a while since I have used it.


  • 1) When the updates come in does it update ONLY whats installed on my system? Or do the updates still want to update everything that is an update?
    2) How is bluetooth out of the box? Is it fairly easy to associate a bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
    3) Has anyone tried installing it on one of the new Aluminum iMacs? If so how did it go?


Thanks in advance to anyone with info about these things.

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The system will only install updates for packages on your system. There is every chance that it will pull in some dependencies if the update requires it. I don't know any distro that pulls in updates for packages you don't have installed. The only time it will pull something in that is not installed, is because it is a dependency.


I can't answer the other two as I'm not using it currently, or even on a Mac (I don't own a mac).

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Q2) Worked for file transfers to/from my mobile straight away. Trying to get the mobile working as a modem took a lot more effort though although I did succeed in the end. NB. This was the first time I have ever used bluetooth for anything so I wasn't at all familiar with it which may account for some of the difficulty.

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