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HAL daemon failed


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Hi guys,


When booting my computer with Mandriva One 2008, I've noticed that HAL always failed to get started at boot time. Which, I suppose, explain why I cannot use my USB keys or flash card reader with Mandriva. Hardware is OK since the same USB devices work fine when booting with Windows and also were working with Mandriva 2007.


So, is there any reason why the HAL deamon could not be loaded when booting ? Is there a log somewhere that I can look at that some more descriptive error message ?

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I did some googling on the problem and found this:


try booting with the kernel parameter 'nopinit' to disable parallel init, and see what service it fails at now (it may be a different one). Then reboot and press 'I' for interactive boot when prompted, and skip the service that was failing.


It could actually be a problem with harddrake not detecting your devices properly according to what I found.


As far as logs you can try dmesg or even better syslog if you have it.

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