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  1. Sure, it may have been a good idea to be more cautious before typing the command. But, he problem isn't the command itself, it's the message given after the update. No message from the updater = no command = no problem. It's not like if I decided by myself: "OK, let's try this command line and see what happens". If the system ask you to run a command, it normally should be reliable... Yes, their was a lot of package in the list before the y/n. But it was the first update after the upgrade from 2009.0. Thus, I was thinking that was package from 2009.0 that was not needed anymore. So, to be clear, for me the bug isn't the "urpme --auto-orphans" command but rather that the updater gives you a message telling you to run this command. It's then really easy to get caught by trusting the system and then do something that you would not even have think to do otherwise... I'm quite sure I will not be the only one on earth to have this problem.
  2. Hi guys, I got some problems with my system and had to reinstall KDE4. Now, I have some systems colour problem that, I hope, you may help me to solve. First one is with the color of the logout screen (the one that appears when you press the logout button). It actually shows black fonts on a black background, which is not very practical. Is there a way to change either the font or the background color to get something more readable ? My other question is how do you manage the colours in the taskbar ? More precisely, how do you change the font or background colours for the applications in the taskbar ? Actually, they also are black on black and only readable by the shadows... Since it's probably not that clear, here's a screenshot to show you what I mean: Again I haven't find how to specifically change the font/background/shadow colours for this. Any ideas ? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I just want to warn you of an ugly bug I got into a few hours ago with 2009.1. Mandriva tells me that there are some new updates available and ask me if I want to install them (the usual stuff..). I install the updates and everything is fine. However, in the end, Mandriva tells me that I should run the command urpme --auto-orphans to remove some unneeded rpm. :unsure: Unfortunately, I've done that and this transform my system in an almost total wreck! This command not only do a cleanup but also removes a lot of things you don't want to delete: KDE4 got flushed, Amarok, fglrx, and many other applications and modules! I will try to fix thing but it may be easier to reinstall everything from scratch. There's nothing on this in the errata. And what really makes me mad is that I would never had done this if Mandriva would not have given the message in the first place! They really should removed the message telling you to run this command from hell!
  4. Hi guys, I have a question about the lanclot module. How can you change the black color default font for a white one ? My background is black, thus the black font in the menu aren't very lisible... Thanks! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. Hi guys, When booting my computer with Mandriva One 2008, I've noticed that HAL always failed to get started at boot time. Which, I suppose, explain why I cannot use my USB keys or flash card reader with Mandriva. Hardware is OK since the same USB devices work fine when booting with Windows and also were working with Mandriva 2007. So, is there any reason why the HAL deamon could not be loaded when booting ? Is there a log somewhere that I can look at that some more descriptive error message ?
  6. Thanks guys! Installing the gcc and make packages (make isn't included in the gcc package) solved the problem. Yes, I know. But it's a small "homemade" utility and no package is available. Only the "make" "make install" procedure is available for sake of being compatible with all decent linux systems. I suppose the guy just don't want to bother creating packages for I don't know how many different software installer when it works just well with "make"...
  7. Hi, I want to use a software that need to be installed by the old "make", "make install" method. However, when I type the command make (Mandriva One 2008), I get the following error message: bash: make: command not found No "make" in Mandriva ??? What's the problem ? Any idea ? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. CarlJF

    Unstable KWD

    Yes. It was installed by default by Mandriva One 2008.
  9. CarlJF

    Unstable KWD

    Hello, From time to time, an error window appears saying there is an error with KWD (KDE windows decorator). After this, the windows lost their frame and max/min/close buttons. This seems to appear at random. It can happen with any applications, no matter what I'm doing. Anyone having the same problem ? Any idea on what can cause this ?
  10. I've found out another way of correcting the problem. Instead of removing the VGA=7xx argument, it seems to work better if the 7xx is replaced by the number corresponding to the screen resolution used by X. You still have a text bootscreen, but fonts and everything looks way much better than by removing the argument. To know which value should be used, first look at your screen resolution on this page and note the hexadecimal value for yout resolution. Then, open a terminal and type the following command, where xxxx is the hexadecimal value for your screen: printf '%d\n' xxxxx The answer is the value you should used for the vga=7xx argument. I suppose that, from there, it may be possible the get a graphical boot screen but don't know how to do it.
  11. Okay, by looking again at the file, found out that the argument was present on many lines... :woops: Removing them all solved the problem. Boot screen is now basic text mode, but at least things are okay. Do you know if using LILO instead of Grub could make things works better ?
  12. I remove the vga=7xx argument but the problem is still there.
  13. Hi guys, I've just installed Mandriva One 2008 and have an embarassing problem. Everything works fine until I logout. Then the screen goes blank and the monitor enter sleep mode, as if the video card or X server were shutdown. Only thing thing I could do then is to press the reset button... It's very embarassing since, with this versino of Mandriva, you have to logout to shutdown the computer. I've done some test and found out that this happens only with the firegl driver. The open source "ati" and "vesa" work fine, although without 3D acceleration. If it can help, I've notice that if I boot with the open source "ati" driver, the change the video card to ATI Radeon 9600 from the control center, I can logout and login again without any problem. :huh: Also, everything was just working fine with Mandriva 2007. So, I suppose it's not a hardware compatibility problem but just something in the configuration of X. I've also try the xorg.conf I was using with Mandriva 2007 but X just won't start up at all with it. Actually, I plan to try the drivers available at the ATI website with the installer instead of using the rpm ones. Another thing I think to try is using GDM instead of KDM, just in case the problem is with KDM and not X or the drivers. But it also may be just a line missing or bad in the xorg.conf file. I've checked it and everything seems fine but I'm not an expert at this... Any ideas or suggestion on what could be wrong ? For information, here's my xorg.conf file: # File generated by XFdrake (rev 230776) # ********************************************************************** # Refer to the xorg.conf man page for details about the format of # this file. # ********************************************************************** Section "ServerFlags" #DontZap # disable <Ctrl><Alt><BS> (server abort) #DontZoom # disable <Ctrl><Alt><KP_+>/<KP_-> (resolution switching) AllowMouseOpenFail # allows the server to start up even if the mouse does not work EndSection Section "Module" Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension Load "v4l" # Video for Linux Load "extmod" Load "type1" Load "freetype" Load "glx" # 3D layer Load "dri" # direct rendering EndSection Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Keyboard1" Driver "kbd" Option "XkbModel" "pc105" Option "XkbLayout" "ca" Option "XkbOptions" "compose:rwin" EndSection Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Mouse1" Driver "mouse" Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2" Option "Device" "/dev/mouse" EndSection Section "Monitor" Identifier "monitor1" HorizSync 30-87 VertRefresh 50-160 # TV fullscreen mode or DVD fullscreen output. # 768x576 @ 79 Hz, 50 kHz hsync ModeLine "768x576" 50.00 768 832 846 1000 576 590 595 630 # 768x576 @ 100 Hz, 61.6 kHz hsync ModeLine "768x576" 63.07 768 800 960 1024 576 578 590 616 EndSection Section "Device" Identifier "device1" VendorName "ATI Technologies Inc" BoardName "ATI Radeon 9500 - X850" Driver "fglrx" Option "DPMS" EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "screen1" Device "device1" Monitor "monitor1" DefaultColorDepth 24 Subsection "Display" Depth 8 Modes "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 15 Modes "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 16 Modes "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection Subsection "Display" Depth 24 Modes "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240" EndSubsection EndSection Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "layout1" InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard" InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer" Screen "screen1" EndSection
  14. Ok guys, find out that the mplayer plugin wasn't installed during the upgrade to spring 2007. Doesn't know why, but, anyway, just reinstalling the package fix the video problem. Thanks again for your help!
  15. Thanks! With that, I'm able to modify the existing extensions and made the stream plays in a compatible player. Everything is fine with that now! :D However, I'm still wondering how I can add new extensions in the list. Since there's no "add" button. Any idea ? For example, if I try to look at this news footage video, the only thing I see is that I should install a plugin to see it. I'm pretty sure that mplayer could do the trick. If I click on "Download plugin", a window open telling me that no plugin is found with a button to manually install a plugin. And clicking on this "manual install" button gets me to a Microsoft page! :unsure: No very helpful under linux! There's certainly a way to link this file type (application/x-mplayer2) or extension to mplayer, but this option just seems to be hidden somewhere in Firefox. Any idea on how to add the file type above in the list ?
  16. It maybe me that miss something, but in Firefox (, in the menu you specified, you cannot add new file type. The only options you have is to remove or modify existing ones and the only two that appears are for zip and torrent files. I've tried to remove Rhytmbox, but that only make Firefox open the radio stream in Audacious, which is even worse before.
  17. I have a problem since I upgraded to 2007 spring. In Firefox, when I click an audio link, it openend it with Rythmbox, which cause some problems... It just not working with internet radio. Before that, things were pening with Beep and worked just fine. Is there any way to change the default application from rhythmbox to anything else ??? Thanks!
  18. Yes, the how-to work also quite well for ATI card. Just take the ATI driver from PLF instead of the Nvidia.
  19. Is there anyone who to know how to install/change themes for Compiz oin Mandriva ? Many themes are available (for example, Wombat theme) but it's look like they nide some theme manager for Compiz (Beryl, CGWD, compizthemer...). Haven't found any of theme for Mandriva. Are they installed by default ? Are the package available from some dark corner of the net ? :huh: [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  20. I also have problems with the updates repositories. It seems that urpmi is unable to correctly read the hdlist. Let's hope this get solved rapidly. At least, I'm not the only one with the problem! Wasn't sure if it the problem was with my configuration or the repositories...
  21. Thanks guys! I've tried to change the preferences in mpplayer and now it works. In the preferences menu of mplayer, under the video tab, I've changed the video driver from "xv" to "x11" and now it works in mplayer. Doesn't works with other viewers however but it doesn't bother me since I prefer mplayer anyway...
  22. Hi guys, I've change my video card some time ago and, since then, I'm unable to view the video part of any video file. I got the sound playing, but the video window only shows a big blue square. This is happening no matter the video file format (mpg, divx, xvid, mov, avi...) and no matter the software used (mplayer, xine, totem, kafeine...). I've tried to deinstall/reinstall all video players and all codecs with no results. When opening video file with mplayer, I get the following error message, before getting the sound and blue square: Fatal Error! Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device Any idea ?
  23. OK, I've done an update with the xorg package from the 2006 community mirror and now everything is working fine. Thanks guys!
  24. OK, now, things get better. I've added the line Option "MonitorLayout" "CRT" in the device section and I'm now able to startx. However, there's a lot of strange visual artefacts. The mouse pointer in now a green or yellow translucent color, lines appearing, invisible buttons that draw themselves if you move the pointer over them...
  25. Thanks, but I haven't installed the ATI proprietary driver. I only installed what is available on the mandriva DVD, which are the xorg drivers.
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