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Xsane vs Adobe PhotoDeluxe


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I have a ton of pictures from my BurningMan trip that I'm scanning in. I've noticed that when I use xsane to scan a picture that is outside (e.g. desert scene, blue skies, mountains), I get streaking through the picture. I just tried it in windows with Adobe PhotoDeluxe and the picture no longer has streaking..


I would rather be using xsane/gimp to do this project, does anyone know why I'm having this problem?


I have a UMAX Astra 3400 and Mandrake 9.1 with all latest updates..

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Def wierd. It kind of looks like a moiré pattern that you would get from scanning newsprint or a textured paper. Or I also seen this when a scanner begins to die. But it don't do this with Windows/Adobe.


Maybe something to do with the way it is connected? Parallel, USB, USB2? I know there's been some USB problems with 9.1 Maybe the transfer is like skipping a beat and causing those lines.


Also same results with xsane or kooka, so lets rule that out for now and look more at the scanner driver or whatever exactly plugs into the kernel.


Just some guesses til we come up with something better.

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