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Video from several stills [solved]


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I've collected quite a few photos of the same subject over a time period, and would like to put them together into a movie. I can do this with avidemux but the photos aren't exactly lined up with each other (no tripod) so I need to line them up first.

I tried to use hugin to make a panorama of the stills, which works really well, but I'm not quite sure what the next step should be. From hugin I can export to a multilayer tiff, or to multiple tiffs. But when I try to load these tiffs into avidemux, it says it can't load the file. If I select "Jpeg" as output from hugin I just get a single jpeg, not each frame, so that's no good. Is there a way to convert the tiffs to jpegs so that avidemux can load them?


Edit: Sorry, just found the answer while I was typing this post.

find -name "*.tiff" -exec convert \{\} \{\}.jpg \;

This finds all the tiff files in the current directory, then calls ImageMagick on each one to convert it to jpeg. Sorry, didn't realise it was so easy! :thumbs:

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