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Make the Mandriva update app start updating later

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Il ike the little green update applet which alerts me if there are updates available. My only problem has been that it hogs a lot of resources for the first minute, when I prefer to get started with a web browser or a music player. The applet does not have an easy way to change its configuration but I found some interesting lines of code in /usr/bin/mdkapplet


> $config{UPDATE_FREQUENCY} ||= 3*60*60; # default to 3hours

> $config{FIRST_CHECK_DELAY} ||= 25 * 1000; # default to 25 seconds


The first line controls the intervals between checking for updates, the second one how long time after startup the applet should check for updates. I changed the second line to:


$config{FIRST_CHECK_DELAY} ||= 600 * 1000;


so the applet will wait 10 minutes (eg. 600 seconds) before starting. In those 10 minutes I've had enough time to start whatever programs I'd like to use.


Mattias Thuresson


from: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=79734

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configuring the mdkapplet is not very easy.

"System > preferences > advanced >session >mandriva online applet" didn't do the trick for me.


I took the good advice from this forum (thank you) :thumbs:


To enable autostart I had still needed to

gedit /root/.MdkOnline/mdkonline and edit AUTOSTART=TRUE

it's all good now

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I'm wondering why you had to edit /root/.MdkOnline/mdkonline - it looks like you are logging in as root, rather than a regular user - which is extremely, extremely unsecure and something you shouldn't do.


For anyone else, you should be editing /home/username/.MdkOnline/mdkonline and not be logging in as root to use your system - that is simply bad practice.

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