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Samba file visibility [solved]


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Hello all,


Ive got my Samba server set up with multiple users and of course multiple permissions. My question now is how do I make it so that certain users cant see folders they cant access. For example:


I have a folder named "320" that I want only myself to be able to see when the server is accessed. As it is other users can see the folder even if they cant access it. How would I make it so that the folder is not visible to the others but still visible when I log on?

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I found a different method. The page you posted helped a little in giving me the idea:


I made a new folder called "private" and put hardlinks to the folders I wanted within the private folder and set that to restricted access. Not exactly what I was looking for but itll work fine for my purposes.


#cd /media/storage1
#mkdir private
#cd private
#ln -s /media/storage1/Music Music

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