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Can't connect to internet


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For some reason today when I tried to connect to the internet I received the following message - Could not locate remote server. I dual boot between Mandrake 9.1 and ME. When I checked DrakConnect under status it shows that I'm not connected but under LAN configuration it shows that it's up. But when I click on the connect button it shows that it failed to connect. When I first start Mandrake and it's going through the checks it also shows that I'm connected. This happened to me once before and I went into ME and ran ipconfig and released my ip address and that solved the problem but it didn't work this time. Any ideas? I can't call tech support because, needless to say, they don't support Linux and I really hate using Windoze!



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Thanks Michel,


I installed shorewall but didn't even think about this causing the problem because I was able to connect to the internet after that. But I removed it and connected with no problem. Sheesh, why does it always have to be something obvious? :oops:

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