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  1. Install shorewall again and put " shorewall restart" in your /etc/re.d/rc.local. I had the same problem with shorewall. shorewall restart: stops, clears and starts your firewall again. Bruno
  2. Why didn't you get the realplayer from the download-section of MandrakeUsers.org Board ? http://www.mandrakeusers.org/downloads.php There is a section MDK 9.1 ! That version might perform better! ftp://ftp.mandrakeusers.com/pub/Commercia...0-5mdk.i586.rpm Bruno
  3. I followed the link to the Texstar packages, looks very interesting, would there be an urpmi source that I can add to the sources in my MCC ? (like from plf and mandrakeclub) Bruno
  4. Found this on Tiny minds for sound problems in 9.1: chkconfig --level 35 alsa on Bruno
  5. After reading a few comments on this site about sound problems in Mandrake 9.1 ( can't remember the threads they were in ) Looks like here is the answer to those problems. Found this on Tiny minds for sound problems in 9.1: chkconfig --level 35 alsa on Bruno ( sorry should have been in the 'installing Mandrake' forum )
  6. Found this on Tiny minds for sound problems in 9.1: chkconfig --level 35 alsa on Bruno
  7. To Paul;This is on CD 3 http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/9.1/features/15.php3
  8. To Ramfree17: From distrowatch 2003-03-13: Some people find it hard to accept that Yoper has climbed to the top spot in page hit statistics, so let me go on record and say this: Yoper Limited has never requested, and never paid any money, to influence the page hit ranking statistics. All Yoper did was buy advertising space at normal rates and in line with normal advertising practices stated on this page. Give Yoper credit for recognising the opportunity that few others have been able to spot. Having said that, Yoper's page hit ranking did call for investigation of log files to look for any unfair play. I did not find anything unusual - the page hits came from varied IP addresses and I did not spot any unusual activity or repeated and unwarranted page reloads. All indications are that Yoper's climb to the top position was the result of genuine visitor curiosity and nothing else. Ironically, while pouring through log files, we did come across some suspicious activity regarding Gentoo page hits. Upon investigation, it has become clear that an individual from a well-known cartoon domain name has been mickeymousing with the Gentoo counter - repeatedly reloading the counter from various machines on their network at exactly the same mm:ss every hour, 24 hours a day. This generated 240 extra Gentoo hits per day (or around one third of total hits on the Gentoo page). Now come on, folks! It's just a page hit ranking, it simply monitors how many times a distribution page gets viewed, nothing more! It's not meant to be taken seriously, which I've stated many times - to no avail. So perhaps it's time to lay down some ground rules: 1. Repeated page and counter reloads in short or regular intervals are not allowed. If you are inclined to set up cron jobs to repeatedly wget your favourite distro's page counter, then please do yourself a favour and go to see a psychologist. You need help. 2. All suspicious page hit counts will be investigated and any regularly reloaded counts will be deducted from the total count (Gentoo's count will be adjusted as soon as we go through the log files to see how far back this has been going on). 3. The offender's entire C-class IP range will be permanently blocked from accessing the counter. 4. In future, the offender's IP address and domain name will be published. 5. The repeat offender's IP address will be banned from accessing all areas of DistroWatch, including mirrors, for a period of 30 days. Any questions or comments? Please discuss here.
  9. Has to be your cd-rom drive, get someone to lent you another one just for testing, or get a cheap 2nd hand one. Or install a floppy drive, make a bootdisk.
  10. What else is on the harddrive ? Any way to format the drive or MBR ? (from previous win/dos/linux install ) Does it try to boot from HD ? If yes where does it stop ?
  11. onurb

    9.1 Final

    http://www.mandrakestore.com/ :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. onurb

    9.1 Final

    Talking about money, for the people from europe: the dollar is VERY weak, that means an extra 10 euro discount for the pre-ordered MDK 9.1 ( With the club-discount and the euro-discount you get the 9.1 powerpack for the price of a 9.0 standaard pack from last year )
  13. onurb

    9.1 Final

    To Motts: I do ALWAYS order my final versions boxed. Kind of support to mandrake, for the same reason I became a Mandrake Club Member. I think great software is worth supporting in any way possible. ( If your budget allows you to )
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