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Grant amount of network traffic


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Please i'm working on an iptables script where i can grant a certain amount of monthly traffic, for example grant 8g to one client per month and if he passes that amount his connection becomes unavailable.

I'm trying to find a command that serves as a network traffic counter.

What should i be looking for?


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something like this:



my @eths = qw ( eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3 eth4);

for my $eth(@eths) {
$count = 0; my $rxbytes = 0; my $txbytes = 0; 
for (`/sbin/ip -s link show $eth`) {  
	chomp; $count++;
	if ($count == 4) {
		($rxbytes, $rest) = split;
	} elsif ($count == 6) {  
		($txbytes, $rest) = split;
print "$eth $rxbytes $txbytes\n";

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