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Delft - unexpected install success!


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I am so happy! I installed Delft on a usb stick ... then I used ndiswrapper to get my broadcom wifi working ... after a couple of false starts, it all went really well. Amazing ... I've never had wifi success with any other distro (well, except with PuppyLinux). I'm really impressed.


However, I'm a total newbie and I will probably need simple tips on how to change some desktop and hardware settings. Hope someone here can help. I'll play a bit more with the install I have and then probably get back to this forum.



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Glad you've succeeded effortlessly, but unless you did not miss something, it's my sad job to inform you that the MCNLive project is effectively dead... (since the only developer has no time to maintain it).



While what scarecrow says is essentially true, its not completely true. yes chris:b has left the project in favor of a real flesh and blood life, yes chris:b was the maintainer of the MCNLive project, and yes developement has come to a screeching hault. but not for a lack of trying. there are a few people in colaberation with each other, and some working independently trying to play catch-up with where chris:b left off and get the newest mandriva offering (2008.0) to boot from live CD and make a new version of MCNLive. while development is slow its not DEAD.


i believe that toronto is the NEWEST official version of MCNLive, its the version that i use nearly daily. Toronto is based on 2007.1. Mandriva has released 2008.0 just a short time ago, within the last 60 days i believe. as most of the die hard mandriva users will tell you, they do not run out and snatch up the newest version the day they are released and install it right then, mandriva is releasing patches and updates weekly for 2008.0, its new, its improved, i would love to see a new MCNlive based on 2008.0 but there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with using 2007.1 (toronto or delft). as long as your happy with what you are using and it works for you, for the time being there is no reason to believe that your plans or your useage is "foiled again". keep using it.


the good thing about projects such as MCNLive is they are live! to me this means that when a new version is created, all you need to do is download the iso, burn it to disk, boot, install ndiswrapper, and install to flash drive again, its not that bad. Is it?


i use mandriva 2007.1 as my media server, untill 2008.1 is released i likely will not upgrade. it works for me, why change it?


also if your looking for basic help using mandriva i can suggest using one of your favorite IRC chat clients such as Konversation or xchat and visiting #mandriva over at irc.freenode.org. these people are very helpful. sometimes they are not real active but if you ask a question and wait a while (sometimes hours) someone will respond to your questions and someone will do the best they can to help you out.


good luck,



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Delft and Toronto are almost the same. Toronto is just a bit bigger, has more software preinstalled :)

About the MCNLive project: It's a project of the Dutch MandrivaClub (that's where the name comes from: "Mandriva Club NL live")


The problem is.. there is no-one that fully understands the process of creating a live cd, the way Chris understands this... so it will be very hard to find someone who can replace her. I tried, but have not yet succeeded to create a livecd off Mandriva 2008.0 :(

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