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mandriva 2008 on SATA drive (solved)


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In my case Mandriva insisted on giving my Plextor sata-DVD-burner /mnt/cdrom and my asus ide-DVD-drive /mnt/cdrom2, ironically rpmdrake searched /mnt/cdrom for packages despite the fact that I had the system installed from my dvd-drive


yes that's what's happening, except I only appear to have one drive listed in the system, the cd drive (mnt/cdrom). Both drives are on the same ide cable, and the drives are set master/slave by jumpers on the back (I never use the "cable select" automatic determination).


Tonight when I get home from work I'll mess around with it again. This is just a fun project to me... I have a nicely working linux system on my main machine (debian). This machine is just a secondary "play" machine, and as mentioned before, the monitor is really a 23" LCD TV, so it really gets used as a TV rather than a computer/monitor. What I'm saying is that when stuff doesn't work, or I can't figure out how to do something... I don't really care, since I'm just learning/playing, but I still come here to ask, since this is my favorite computer board...!




oh yeah, something else weird: ok, win2k now sees the sata drive. I am pretty sure the sata drive is 160 GB. Windows is showing a partion of 30GB, and a partition of 118GB. seems there's some missing GB :unsure:

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Please, do not mention Plextor burners. I have been a Plextor fan for ages, but at some time I got fed up with their stupid customer support (although their RMA service is still top notch), the ever crippling quality of their products, and their ever infamous inability to create drives which comply to the MMC-3 specs!

A SATA burner follows STRICTLY the MMC-3 specs, and so it can be used by almost any burning application... BUT: a Plextor drive breaks the above specs bigtime, and as such it's only to be used by authorized windoze progz (Nero Farting ROM) and Plextor's own Plextools (either the free, or the paid pro version). Using ANY other application or OS, you are on your own.

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when I get home I'm going to remove the CD burner from my mandriva machine and install it in my debian machine (debian machine currently does not have and any cd or dvd drive). Then I will only have the dvd burner in the mandriva machine, so hopefully it can be used for the DVD software repository. I guess I should change the powerpack repository anyway... so I don't need the disc anymore.

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my plextors have no problems with either k3b or the nautilus dvd-burning extension, the firmware-tool for linux works too (admitted it is maintained externally)


the problems with the mount points are not plextor-specific, I had the same minor inconvenience on another machine with two CD/DVD-Drives (a Toshiba DVD and a TEAC burner) too, but as I already mentioned, just a quick edit in /etc/fstab (just exchanged the mount points) solved everything.

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since mandriva was confused with the DVD burner and the CD burner (it only was recognizing the CD drive)... I pulled the CD burner, and just left the DVD burner in the machine. All you need is one DVD burner anyway, it does everything. Mandriva still did not recognize it. I know, as others have said, it is just a simple config change, but I haven't fixed it yet.


I changed the Distribution source to online repositories instead of the disc. Now I am up and running. Mandriva installed my printer automatically for me, which is the first time using linux a printer has worked automatically. Weird thing was Mandriva gave me a message something like "PrinterDrake could not determine what model printer is installed (Canon iP4300)". uh...hello... ? So anyway, I picked the correct printer and it installed it and it works great!!


Thanks for all the help, and so far I love the distro (for ease of use and how things work "out of the box"). I'll start other threads under hardware or software if any problems come up.


Thanks again!

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