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Hi folks,


after some months of not not being able to work on and improve MCNLive I would like to announce officially my decision to stop with the development of MCNLive. The reasons are changes in my personal life, preferences about spending time.

Creating LiveCD's based on Mandriva and working on the mklivecd scripts kept me very busy the last 4 years. It has been a great experience, in particular working together with testers and contributors was wonderful.


MCNLive is the project of http://www.mandrivaclub.nl. And I hope they will find someone/people to take over from me and fill the gap as soon as possible. Help is really appreciated. Please get in touch with MCNL here:





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take over from me and fill the gap




From what I've quietly seen, over the months and years, of your magnificent contributions in the live CD area, I'd venture that is a gap that will take an awful lot of filling...




edited because I originally missed out "magnificent"

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Hello Chris. Although you are giving up the Live CD thingy, I hope you don't cut yourself off from MUB entirely.

We will miss you far too much for that to happen.

Good luck and best wishes with your future plans.


Cheers. John.

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Guest sciencegeek

Although it has been nearly 2 months since the announcement of your retirement, I wanted to add a sincere thank you from a relatively new user of Linux. After testing about 15 live CD distributions, I can say that in my humble opinion, MCNLive is a real achievement. I have yet to find a distro that is so easy to use, reliable, provides immediate functionality (I'm using "Toronto" with a USB dongle wireless to write this), and can easily create a USB flashdrive version (I'm running from a 1GB flashdrive now) without mysterious problems in booting. Being able to access the internet first with "Delft" gave me a sense that Linux could be a real alternative.


So, if you are still reading these postings from time to time, thank you very much and best wishes.



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Thanks to all for your kind words.


I do read here, but I am having a hard time to not get involved again :D

So I am pretending to not be around. I've tried twice to get out of MCNLive (without success), and don't give up the hope that someone will continue the project.

If there is a need, someone will :P


I just wanted to have my life back.


In the meantime Charles (from the official mandriva forum) did a great job on the mklivecd and mcnlive code and managed to create a new livecd based on 2008.


You can read it here:


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Hurrah for Chris. Fantastic to see you dropping in again. :thumbs: :thumbs:


Happy Christmas and a great New Year to you and all your family, Oh Princess of MUB. (All Lady members of MUB are Princesses in my opinion) :D :D :D


Cheers. John.

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Guest Grogerf

Hallo Chris,


I've been away for a long while now & just read of your decision to move on.


Thank you for all you've done - I hope that you have got your life back - that you are fully enjoying it and will continue to enjoy it for a very long time. ;) :D :D


Enjoy the green pastures while they are there!!!! (It's pretty brown & burnt around here in the land of Oz)


Wishing you all that you'd wish yourself



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Guest zed_x

Although I'm using Pendrivelinux, I understand it's based on MCNLive and so would like to say a BIG thank you to all devs involved with the project.

This is the linux version I always wanted and now I have it ... everything just works beautifully!



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Guest Zakhar

I'm also using Pendrivelinux which is just another remaster of your awesome work... and I remastered it myself to add software I use quite often.


As it was already said here, you did an amazingly wonderful work. Alas many times things depend on few people, and I sincerely hope someone(s) will continue this distribution and let you enjoy your personnal life.


The idea of this distribution is really brilliant because it can fit more situations than you could imagine.

For example I've got a dual disk laptop with a BIOS option to boot on the fly from disk one or two. I'll like my Vista on disk 1 and Linux on disk 2... and NO Grub on disk 1, so not to disturb Vista boot. Tried Ubuntu and it failed booting on disk 2 (probably GRUB/BIOS problem). And Ubuntu implies you reserve a ext3 partition.

So now I'm considering partitionning my disk 2 in FAT32/NTFS, and use the FAT32 part as I'm using the USB to install the MCNLive.

I'm conscious it's less I/O efficient than pure ext3, but it has many advantages :

- You can share the partition with Windows

- If you don't need Linux anymore you just delete the files and have your disk space back

- And I like the ability to boot live or persistent. I use "live" quite often when I'm trying software, as I know I can do no harm (still a beginner). If I do something wrong I just have to reboot and have a clean Linux again. And when I find a software I'll like to use I put it to the persistent part, or eventually remaster the Live CD.

So now, as my new laptop has a graphical card not supported by Mandriva 2007.1 (Nvidia 8600), I hope someone will push a newer Mandriva with this kind of install... or anyway I'll get a try to find the relevant Nvidia driver (USB key is still booting but I hate 800x600 !)


Keep up the good job, Mandriva Guys, and many many thanks again to you Chris.

Edited by Zakhar
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