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Poll: Rate Mandriva 2008

How good is Mandriva 2008?  

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  1. 1. Installation...

    • ...was painless and easy to perform.
    • ... was slightly problematic, some things did not work out of the box.
    • ... was very problematic, many things didn't work out of the box.
    • ... was impossible. (whatever reason)
  2. 2. Performance / Stability ...

    • ... is excellent, no disturbing problems so far.
    • ... is good. I only ran into some minor bugs.
    • ... is average. I have found several annoying bugs
    • ... is poor. Way too many bugs for my tastes.

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Plus there is little benefit in having a separate partition for /usr. I have never seen an argument for such that really convinced me by those few who do that.

A separate /usr partition is something you use in big Unix intranets, where each workstation's / partition contains what is needed for booting and networking, and then all applications and extra data (images, icons...) are mounted under /usr via the network from a central server.

As /usr is almost only for reading (/usr/local being the exception), it is indeed useless to have it as a separate partition, unless you fall into the above use-case.



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Thanks Yves for that info and explanation. :thumbs: More food for my brain. :D


Cheers. John

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And most Corporate servers have a separate /var partition, as there are a lot huge logfiles in there, which the IT's do not want to purge too often.

It's all around the user's needs- Linux has all the needed flexibility to satisfy everyone, although its users aren't that flexible, usually... :P

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Thanks for your feedback. I used the sizes from the autoconfigure options for the HDD that were made when I installed 2007.1, hence the sizes, only just found the filesystem diagram on the board so may retweak in my next install. Don't know why Internet connection was not working until reboot as system


I used the Free 2008, so never got the upgrade option, only a clean install. Logout screen for 1st install attempt only gave me end session, no othet options, despite "Logout options" being ticked in control panel. End session took me to some sort of shell where the only working option was to logout (to single user mode) or X. Could not even do a shutdown option (command not found) or su to root (command not found), Printer detup from printerdrake or control centre froze up completely, http://localhost:631 gave me Not Found, although listed as installed in Software management, hence the reinstall.


No idea why the entire disk was scrubbed for second install. I /know/ I selected Use Existing Partitions. There are too many warnings to easily make mistakes at this level.


4Gb was not enough for root with the rest configured automatically as /home. As I said, got insufficient memory error when doing updates. (late edit, sorry, that should read "not enough space on disk")



Used CP/m from 1983 to 1994 (Memotech MTX), then forced to go the windows route from 1994 to 1997 for Uni compatibility. Tried Mandrake linux first in 2001 (don't know what release - it was in a yellow and black box) using the PIII machine that is still in use running 2007.1. Self taught Z80 programming in assembly (Rodney Zak's book). Had a program published by a major magazine in 1985. Have tried to avoid Windows, but it is not really possible at the moment as Linux is not fully of age yet.


1 x 2007.1 Spring (Free) + Windows ME P3, 256Mb, 30Gb HDD

1 x 2008.0 (Free) + Windows Vista + Windows XP, Core 2 Duo 4300 1,8Gz, 2Gb , 300Gb HDD

Wired LAN via switchbox and telephony modem to microwave link to ISP. (Rural Spain)

Edited by DaveinSpain

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