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Mandriva 2008 [solved]


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Neddie, I fully realize that many of the recorded downloads were retrys.

My enthusiasm was at the rate of downloads. And my view still stands. Bigpond is not the only ISP in Australia so there will have been loads of downloads from elsewhere.

I communicated with Bigpond on the issue and they said they had a couple of complaints, including mine, after the iso was originally put up. That is why they pulled it and changed their mirror source after their testing proved the iso to be unreliable. Apparently most downloads were ok. When the iso went up again it was from another mirror source. Your one fifteenth figure based on Robs example of successe is extreme and flawed. I would imagine Rob would be an exception to try 10 times (his figure).

Nowhere in my comments did I even hint that this was the deathnell of Windows.


My comment about ignoramuses is still valid because I was referring to Linux on the desktop in general. My view of the increase in interest in Linux in Australia is that it is mirroring the rest of the world. Australia is one of the most heavily ingrained Microsoft countrys in the world so it is a significant indicator of what is happening with Linux in the rest of the world.


Robb. what date did you get your successful download ???. and which package of Mandriva was it that you got ???


I got mine on the 16th, the day they put the package back up again. Mine was the :- mandriva-linux-2008.0-free-dvd-i586.iso


The reason I ask this is because maybe the other Mandriva versions may have had problems too but I do remember downloading the x64 DVD and burning it okay.

I am glad you are up and running at last.

Cheers. John.

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for reference, there have been just under 30,000 downloads of 2008 from the official torrents (both public and Powerpack subscription torrents). we don't have numbers for mirror downloads as we don't get stats from all mirror maintainers, but they'll also be significant.

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