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The Linux file-system at a glance


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Shame all of those names are in CAPITALS whereas in reality they are not, and UNIX filesystems are case sensitive...


Otherwise, nice overview, thanks for posting.


I just realised: they didn't yet include the recently more popular /media for ehm, external media (thumbdrives and such).

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Boy I wish I'd of had this years ago. Might just make it a wallpaper! For those of you (including me) just learning where stuff is this is a must have. When I install a program I'm not sure where it all goes, but I'm learning. I can even compile and install stuff...big thing when you're new. I've been playing with Linux for a long time and waiting for it to get to where I don't need windows. Well it is just about there and I am trying to force myself to learn to do it in linux. Some things only run in windows so I'm stuck with it as a dual boot.


Anyway, take a look at this. It will help you to understand where things go when it says done....done what...where? You can also find a program by whereis...


If you read a few post down you see that the capitol letters don't belong. Linux commands are case sensitive...DIR does not work...dir does. I know those are commands but it is the same for directories.


dir HOME will not work. dir home works.


I hope this is not condsidered off topic as part of installing software is being able to run it...it's in there ain't good enough...gotta know where.

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Of course that chart should all be in lowercase. I think even noobies would immediately realise that. It's designed to give you a quick-glance reference of the filesystem layout. Nothing more.


I could spend an hour or two making my own chart that uses lowercase or explains things more clearly but I honestly don't have the time and this one serves the purpose well enough.


Maybe this weekend... :P

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