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Call me simple, but this is one of my favorite software packages that will be in Fedora 8.


This is Firefox x64 browser and the java plug-in is x64 as well.




$ rpm -qa java-1.7.0-icedtea-plugin firefox




For other plugi-in's for Rawhide x64 if you want to test it out, these are what I use.



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I don't quite get that - how can the vendor be "Sun" if the plugin is from IcedTea? And version 1.7 already? Will that be compatible with Sun's JDK/JRE versions 1.7 when they come out some time in the future?


By the way, I hope Duke's head only got mangled by the screengrab, not by the IcedTea! :D

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neddie: IcedTea is basically Sun Java. It's all the bits of Sun Java that have truly been open sourced already, with the missing stuff replaced by open source bits from the other Free Java projects.


IcedTea, including the plugin, is also in Mandriva 2008. However, we're not publicising the plugin, as it's highly immature. It really doesn't work well enough for regular use. If you want a usable Java plugin, you still have to use the proprietary edition of Sun Java (which is of course available in non-free).

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Yeah you explained to me recently about IcedTea, and it sounds very interesting, but I was just surprised by a few things - firstly that they had a version 1.7 out already when Sun is only releasing 1.6, secondly that they say the vendor is "Sun Microsystems Inc" (when I thought IcedTea was a community effort based on the code released by Sun, and assumed that Sun would be touchy about using their brand / name on it), and thirdly that a browser plugin was available already - I thought there was still quite a lot of work to do yet to make it complete. But then again you say it's immature so that could explain it.

Still, an impressive development, even though Duke's head looks like it suffered a bit in the making of that screenshot! :o

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My x64 plugin works... :)


Yes, his head is cut off because of the screengrab.


1.7 is beta


Why it shows sun, dunno I'm going to assume it looks like bits of it enough that it thinks it is :)








Could it be stabler in Fedora than other distro's currently I dunno, but it works for me so far, so I'm happy.

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