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Battle Tanks


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Battle Tanks is an arcade-style game, where you drive a tank, pick up weapons, and blast enemies. While this doesn't sound like a particularly original concept, it's the implementation that makes the game so much fun to play. First of all, there is virtually no learning curve: use the arrow keys to move your tank, shoot by pressing Ctrl, and use so-called alternative weapons with the Alt key. That's all you need to know to get started -- which is good news since Battle Tanks lacks a manual. The game also features cartoonish graphics with professionally drawn maps and funny-looking tanks, buses, cars, and even goats.
Quoted from this article: linux.com


The game is already packaged for Ubuntu and openSUSE, but it's very easy to build for Mandriva. This game must be built with scons build system, so you must install scons first. It doesn't take long to build... it takes longer to figure out how to play, and win. :)


You can get it here: btanks.sourceforge

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As scarecrow said, you can pretty much install any rpm on any rpm system, but you could get into dependency hell when things go wrong. Best to stick with packages made for the system you're installing on, so mandriva rpm's for Mandriva, suse rpms for suse, redhat rpms for Red Hat. You get the picture :)

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