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Mark Shuttleworth planning a fully FOSS laptop


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Seems like Mark Shuttleworth is not satisfied with the Dell laptops preinstalled with Ubuntu. He's planning a high-end laptop which is fully compatible with FOSS software. With enough interested people he will turn to one of the original manufacturers.

You can read the sketch of the planned specifications on the project wiki page:

  • Intel wifi (new drivers will be all-free, though still require binary-only firmware)
  • Intel graphics (free drivers and OpenGL implementation that works with Ubuntu's desktop effects)
  • ACPI that Just Works with Linux (suspend and hibernate)
  • OpenBIOS (ex-LinuxBIOS)
  • 5 hour battery life (with Ubuntu 7.10 or later, tickless kernel)
  • 1024x768 screen - smaller but better for battery life and mobility

The project already has a moderated mailing list for those who want to participate.


source: hup.hu

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