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USB Keyboard + GRUB + no BIOS USB legacy support


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Hi everyone,


I have a Microsoft Wireless keyboard + mouse, connected to the PC on an USB port. My oldish PC (Compaq EVO D300v, P3) has NO USB legacy keyboard support. So, in GRUB I can't use my keyboard.


I red some time ago somewhere on the Internet (can't remember where) that GRUB may have usb support, but there ware no specifications (at that time I was with LILO...).


If you have any ideeaa how to configure GRUB to use my keyboard, any help is appreciated.


SO is Mandriva 2007.1 pwp

Keyboard is Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard v.1.1



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Thanks for the quick answer. My keyboard comes with no ps2/usb adapter, and I think it may not even work with one, considering it is a whireless thing and it controls keyboard and mouse too. Anyway, thanks.


ouch that's a pity. seeing as the computer doesnt have usb support in bios, it can't be too new, so do you have the original PS/2 keyboard about anywhere?

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If there's no legacy USB support in the computer BIOS (incl. the latest revision update), then there are just two things you can do:

1. Buy a PS2 keyboard,

2. Buy a newer mainboard.



1. I have my old ps2 keyboard, but this USB whireless one is better. After all, grub is not so important, I still can start linux by default and reboot in windows if necesary. It is just about wasteing time...

2. Maybe next year :huh: till then...

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Hi all,


Here, USB Legacy support OK and enabled (have an ASRock P4V88+). I have a generic Kolink USB keyboard and a Genius Webscroll+ Eye USB mouse.


Everything is fine with the keyboard during the text-based phase of the install (I install Mandriva 2007.1 from the boot.iso CD image on the installation DVD).


As soon as the system switches to graphical mode (acceptance of license and so on, my keyboard becomes unusable but there are no problems with the mouse.


When I finish the installation and I am presented with the login screen, the keyboard is still unusable.


Anyone has any idea what could be wrong here?



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Anyone has any idea what could be wrong here?


Loads of ideas, but most of them aren't good at all! :lol2:


Do you have problems with your keyboard under console ( X-server not running ), or it just doesn't work under X?

I could tell you how to kill X and have just console login, but I guess it's a lil bit difficult to do it without keyboard! :o

Facty, you cannot even press alt+ctrl+F2/F3/.../F7 to switch virtual consoles...

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