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Release: MCNLive 'Delft'


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(May 6, 2007)


A new edition of MCNLive, code name "Delft" is out, a fun release based on Mandriva Spring 2007.1, lacking any office or work-related software packages that would seriously distract your mind. A portable Linux live system for CD or USB drives, with some smart wizards to get the best out of a Live system. Add software, set it up on your pendrive, run it entirely from RAM, write to NTFS partitions, create your own version on-the-fly, switch languages, make all changes persistent.


KDE 3.5.6 with a set of internet, music and video applications, games and more: Opera 9.20, Midnight Commander, K3b, gnomad2. English (default), Dutch, French, Italian pre-installed.

3D desktop - Beryl, Compiz and Metisse - for Intel and ATI cards, with nvidia 2D joy only. Included WIFI drivers. 100% Mandriva 2007.1 compatible. If you really *must*, install it on your hard disk. (My advice for serious work: pick simply the best, the real Mandriva Linux.)


Get your copy, a complete list of installed software and the more technical release notes at



We hope that you enjoy this new release.



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