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Drupal install on Mandriva

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I have installed Drupal and all required dependencies on Mandriva 2007.1 using the package installer. I don't know where to go from here :wall: and hope someone can help. I don't know how much of the install is complete or needs to be completed, if the database still needs to be installed/setup. I have looked at the Drupal documentation hoping to figure out where to start but that didn't help me. Do any of you know what is complete/configured using the Mandriva install and what is not complete/configured or possibly where to start in the Drupal documentation.



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Normally, you would have to configure through the web-browser, at least I had to for joomla, which is the same as drupal. Check the drupal webpage and follow their install guide. Whilst the start of their install will work for installing from source packages/tar packages, you can start after this bit, and continue in the web interface.


Drupal install guide here:



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