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  1. Tom, Thanks for posting your fix. My wife finally got after me and said "are you ever going to get that network printer fixed". So I did a Google search and guess where it brought me ;) Maybe I need to look for an email message setting in my profile. She was still not able to print via network so maybe the bug hasn't been fixed yet, but adding raw in the cups options worked just fine. Thanks, Steve
  2. I have Mandriva 2008 installed and am attempting to get my printer shared with the Windows systems using Samba. I've done this since sometime back in the Mandrake 9.? days and have never had this much trouble. I did save a copy of my smb.conf from 2007 but that hasn't helped me, either as a replacement file or for comparing side-by-side. I used the setup tools included in MCC and all looks good until I try to print. The Windows machines have no problem browsing all shares, including printers, and the printer install appears to go without any issues but when I attempt to print nothing happens and if I hover the mouse over the printer icon I see a message "unable to connect, access denied". My firewall is currently disabled on the server so I can't imagine why I get this message. I have also tried to fix this by using Samba-Swat but that hasn't helped me either. Here is a copy of my current smb.conf, anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? There are a couple mask entries in the printers section that I'm not familiar with. Thanks, Steve # Samba config file created using SWAT # from ( # Date: 2007/12/08 08:09:12 [global] dos charset = 850 unix charset = ISO8859-1 workgroup = DOO netbios name = server string = Samba Server %v security = SHARE map to guest = Bad User log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log max log size = 50 printcap cache time = 60 printcap name = cups dns proxy = No printing = cups print command = lpq command = %p lprm command = [vault] comment = Media path = /vault read only = No browseable = Yes [scsever] comment = Steve path = /home/scsever read only = No browseable = Yes [mrsever] comment = Mechelle path = /home/mrsever read only = No browseable = Yes [printers] comment = Printers path = /var/spool/samba read only = Yes create mask = 0664 directory mask = 0775 guest ok = Yes printable = Yes browseable = No [HP1020] comment = HP1020 path = /var/spool/samba read only = Yes create mask = 0664 directory mask = 0775 guest ok = Yes hosts allow = all printable = Yes printer name = HP1020 oplocks = No share modes = No
  3. I have installed Drupal and all required dependencies on Mandriva 2007.1 using the package installer. I don't know where to go from here and hope someone can help. I don't know how much of the install is complete or needs to be completed, if the database still needs to be installed/setup. I have looked at the Drupal documentation hoping to figure out where to start but that didn't help me. Do any of you know what is complete/configured using the Mandriva install and what is not complete/configured or possibly where to start in the Drupal documentation. Thanks,
  4. I'll edit that file, looks like that is what I wanted. It may be a couple days before I get there to try it. FYI- I am not able to get a new screen using the CTL-ALT-Fx keys, it is just doesn't respond at all. Thanks,
  5. I have installed 2007 with the KDE desktop on a friends desktop PC and have them in a bit of a mess. When the screensaver activates the system won't come back alive. I can't get into the screensaver to change any configurations, as soon as I select screensaver from the Configure Desktop GUI the PC crashes. Can anyone tell me how to disable the screensaver from a terminal? Or maybe what the path is to a configuration file? Thanks,
  6. I did a search on "Software Management" becuse that was what was the giving me trouble and didn't get any useful information. Cheers,
  7. I have Mandriva 2007 installed and used easyurpmi to setup main, contrib, plf-free and plf-nonfree. I usually use urpmi to install packages and that works fine. The problem is when I don't exactly know what package I am looking for and want to use the Software Management tool to browse through non installed, there is nothing there. I don't have everything installed so I don't know why nothing shows, and if I select to view all then everything shows as installed, again I don't have everyting installed. I have done a simple test of browsing for a package that I know I don't have by name or description, not find it, but then go and install it using urpmi. Any idea why the management tool would not be finding packages that urpmi is able to install? Thanks,
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